How to Find a Reliable Auto Body Shop

If your car has been involved in an accident, you should note that auto body shops have your interests in mind – just like doctors do. However, some auto body shops tend to favor insurance companies. This explains why some will downplay your claims, use cheap parts, neglect repairs, and minimize auto repair costs. Such practices can reduce the value of your vehicle. The following are tips to help you choose the right auto body shop.


vehicle body repairNowadays, there are different sources where you can get an idea of the services offered by an auto body. You need to look at reviews but with a grain of salt. Moreover, you should pay attention to well-written reviews and not nasty one-liners. Remember that even the best businesses can have unhappy customers. You can also check discussion forums that are specific to your vehicle’s model and make where the forum members recommend great shops in your locality.


Ensure you choose an auto body shop with a warranty. Most auto body shops offer independent warranties on repairs for finish, functionality, fit, and overall quality. You should request to be provided with information on their warranties and ask questions before agreeing to do business with a particular shop. Moreover, it should not have a time limit. In fact, a reliable auto shop will offer you a lifetime warranty.

Also, you need to keep the warranties provided by the manufacturer intact. Factory warranties on accessories and engines can be compromised if your car requires mechanical repairs after a collision. Therefore, you should check the factory warranty to ensure it is not being compromised with used or aftermarket parts.

Get Multiple Estimates

It is advisable to get quotes from various auto body shops. You can show your estimates to other shops and let them check how they compare with the first shop quote. You will realize that some auto shops are skipping over several important items. In fact, you should not compare the final cost, since a particular shop may be quoting for a different method of repair. Ensure you choose a shop that is friendly and thorough.

Let the auto body shop know that you want brand-new, factory-original parts that are used in vehicle’s repair. In certain areas, the law allows the use of aftermarket or used parts to be applied.