My name is Lorand Robert Minyo, I’m a technologist, futurist and transhumanist focused on science, evolution and education, with a keen interest in biotech, renewable energy and robotics. My ikigai is doing my part in helping humanity become a multi-planetary species in order to ensure its survival.

I'm also deeply passionate about marketing, growth and helping startups and individuals succeed.

I advocate simplicity and its use in business, lifestyle and interactions with technology.

For the past 20 years I worked with some familiar names – Jaguar, Land Rover, H&M, Duracell, Pringles, Microsoft, Regus, Colgate and HP to name a few. The companies I worked with or for include Tag Worldwide, Evozon, Start-Up Chile. In the course of the years I co-founded three startups— a cosmetics manufacturer, a video recognition app (asiqo) and a healthcare company (Neveli). My current entrepreneurial focus is on gloobus (global data exchange) and INC3 (proprietary business design and fringe scientific research).

I’m obsessed with fixing problems using technology and I help others do the same. I care about health and fitness of body and mind, about becoming a multi-planetary species and all the things needed in achieving this, as well as about creating abundance for all humans.

You can get in touch by hitting me up on FacebookYouTube, Twitter and even LinkedIn

And starting with 2018 I've also embarked on a little video experiment and created a show, called The Technologist.